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Hundreds of Houstonians gathered on Friday evening at the Zarathushti Heritage and Cultural Centerto honor the internationally-acclaimed motivational speaker, and new author, Mr. Nozer Buchia. His much anticipated new book, entitled ‘Why Entrepreneurs REALLY Fail‘ is, he believes, “not just a manuscript, but a revelation about entrepreneurship.” Nozer admits to making several mistakes and enduring multiple failures in the past, and his book takes the reader through the many lessons that his failures have taught him.

The evening was filled with entertaining speeches and endorsements from several community leaders, including David Wallace, former Mayor of Sugar Land; Tommie Dorsett, Director of The InnerChange Freedom Initiative; and William Sherrill, former Governor of the Federal Reserve and Founder of The Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at The University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business. The talenteddance troupe, Rhythm India, led by Mrs. Arzan Gonda, put on a vibrant and enjoyable dance tribute in honor of Nozer’s book launch.

When Nozer himself finally took the stage, his energy and charismatic sense of humor filled the room. He spoke of the many inspirational figures in his life, including his late mother, Mrs. Coomi Buchia and his late father Mr. Jemi Buchia. He shared with the audience his personal experiences, including frank disclosures of his many failures that have made him what he is today.

All in attendance would agree that Nozer is a compelling communicator. He speaks with passion and brutal honesty. He is known as a ‘speaker’s-speaker’ due to his dynamic delivery and practical approach to any situation. Nozer has travelled the world as a much sort-after motivational and keynote speaker, inspiring hundreds to re-evaluate their self-worth and the way things are done.

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BOOK SIGNING: Plano, TX (12/8/11)

Nozer Buchia - Book Signing - "Why Entrepreneurs Really Fail" - Plano, Texas

COME MEET THE AUTHOR of “Why Entrepreneurs REALLY Fail,” Nozer Buchia, in Plano, Texas on Thursday, 12/8/11 from 6:30 pm-8:30 pm.

Nozer loves to challenge his readers with his thoughts, and inspire them with his words. He resolutely believes that his book, “Why Entrepreneurs Really Fail,” is not just a manuscript, but a revelation about entrepreneurship.

He is not hesitant to admit that he has made several mistakes and has even failed many times…but has never given up! “There is always a way,” he says, “and one must find it. Just because you cannot find a way, it does not mean that it does not exist.”

Internationally-acclaimed motivational, inspirational, and keynote speaker Nozer Buchia, firmly believes that effective communication is music to the deaf and vision to the blind.

His energetic and vibrant style of humor and delivery has captivated and motivated audiences worldwide. He is known as a ‘speaker’s-speaker’ due to his dynamic delivery and his practical approach to any situation.


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