Roadmap To Success - by Nozer Buchia, Ken Blanchard, and Deepak ChopraMy latest book, “Roadmap to Success is a collection of literary works (an anthology) and has been co-authored with Dr. Ken Blanchard and Dr. Deepak Chopra. In this book, I emphasize the fact that success is always within one’s reach, as long as one has the dedication, determination and the drive to get there. The reader is encouraged to challenge the way it has always been done, and is guided along the path to success.

Success, in my opinion, is measured by the strength of your desire; it is measured by the size of your dreams and by how you handle disappointments along the way. That is what I firmly believe.

Most importantly in life and in business, when we lose our way, it is not typically because we lose sight of the goal, or that we lose sight of the destination or even our strategy. It is because we have no roadmap to get there.

You need to constantly ask for directions along the way and find role models and mentors that can help guide you. You need to stop occasionally and evaluate your path, and most certainly the speed with which you are travelling. I mean these are the things that have helped me define my own success.

We all have a choice; a choice every single day as to what we’re going to do with our life, and where we are going to take it. If you follow your passion and your dreams, you’ll be amazed at how far it can actually take you… all you need to do is to believe in yourself.

Never be afraid to create your own opportunities, for successful people always know where they are going, and where they’re going to end up. And if you need help along the way, just ask. Remember, you are your own driving engine and you are your own brake. The only person that can stop you from achieving anything in life is… you!

Success is not magical, nor is it earned overnight. It is a tedious process that you engage in, day after day. Your level of success is directly proportionate to your tolerance to risk, your passion to succeed, and your never-give-up attitude.

I am entirely convinced that the day you develop clear intentions and decide firmly in your mind to set our own course is the day you start creating your own roadmap to success.


"Why Entrepreneurs Really Fail" - The Road To Success...Always Under Construction - by Nozer BuchiaWriting is second nature to Nozer. He has been writing scripts, letters, and short stories ever since he was a youngster.

He attributes this to his Mom, Coomi Buchia, who influenced his penmanship in more ways than one. He followed in her footsteps and started writing quotations based on his personal experiences in life. His passion to write short stories, quotations, articles and even plays from his early childhood days, has led him to write this ‘guide’ for the entrepreneur.

Articles and short stories that he has authored have been published in numerous international magazines. Several of the plays that he has written over the years have been successfully staged around the world.

Nozer loves to challenge his readers with his thoughts, and inspire them with his words. He resolutely believes that his book, Why Entrepreneurs Really Fail, The Road to Success…Always Under Construction is not just a manuscript, but is a revelation about entrepreneurship—a synopsis of his business career. He is not hesitant to admit that he has made several mistakes and has even failed many times…but has never given up!

“There is always a way,” he says, “and one must find it. Just because you cannot find it does not mean it doesn’t exist.”

This book has not been penned simply for the first time entrepreneur. Nor has it been written just for college and university students venturing down the entrepreneurial path as a career after their initial education. It has been written for those that want to challenge the way it has always been done. It is for those that want to rewrite the rules of the game and are not just content to follow—but want to lead.

This book is written for you!