Nozer Buchia - As an EntrepreneurWhere others see obstacles, Nozer sees opportunities.

With his commitment to excellence, thought leadership and 33 years of industry, corporate and entrepreneurial experience behind him, Nozer is an ace in his field. His understanding of the business, coupled with his strong communication and interpersonal skills have enabled him to navigate turbulent business landscapes.

His personal experiences have compelled him to acknowledge the fact that the entrepreneur must take ultimate responsibility for the enterprise.

Nozer is a growth-artist. His spirit of entrepreneurism guides those that work with him, for he empowers people, yet standing beside them, enabling them to grow in their own space.

Corporations worldwide have benefitted from his leadership and skill, for he combines strategy and tactics to achieve success. Nozer has had the privilege of being associated with a variety of industries—information technology, real estate, consulting, retail, aviation, oil and gas, and education.

He never stops learning, for as he says, “past experiences have a unique way of determining future career paths”.

Nozer has an ‘eye’ for the future of entrepreneurship, and is working towards establishing an institute for entrepreneurial studies.