Nozer Buchia - Business Coach - Life Coach

Fresh Ideas; Unbiased Advice; Proven Results.

Nozer Buchia, is a business coach and a life coach, specializing in coaching and mentoring executives, high profile managers, non-performing and under-performing teams, and individuals who have the potential to excel and who want to expand their influence repertoire. He is especially interested in helping individuals and corporations who believe they have reached their ‘peak’ and cannot grow anymore. With his motto ‘Believe in Yourself’, he helps organizations, teams and individuals reach higher levels of efficacy.

In today’s dynamic environment, even high achievers need guidance, support, and motivation of an executive coach to achieve desired results.

Nozer’s executive coaching and leadership training programs have been created to maximize your success by enhancing your natural talents and future capabilities. His approach to coaching has been developed and strengthened by his decades of experience, and is personalized through individual & group events that motivates and empowers each participant to improve leadership and managerial capabilities while producing results.

Nozer uses a wide variety of methods and tools in his coaching sessions and achieves breakthrough results by discovering and overcoming what’s really getting in the way.



Leadership, Strategy and Management
Leadership is often confused with Management. Leadership is about growing more leaders. Leadership is creating a culture that will be willing embraced. It is about connecting with people and influencing a change in their thoughts and in their results. Leaders are inspirers of change and are willing to lead by example. There is no short-cut to becoming a leader. Leaders are elected… Managers are appointed!

Compelling Leadership v/s Power-Based Management
Creating a vibrant, high performing culture for success
Connecting v/s Controlling – What is your Strategy
Inspiring change in others – a transformation

Motivational and Keynote presentations on customized topics
With 34 years as an organization builder and turn-around specialist, Nozer uses FAILURE as a tool, to prove that success is always within one’s reach. He accomplishes this with real life experiences and humorous examples, as he mesmerizes people with proven concepts and convinces them to NEVER GIVE UP!

You can achieve anything in life if you BELIEVE in yourself
FAILURE – a condiment that gives SUCCESS its flavor
It is all about how hard a hit you can take
Get out of your comfort zone and get into greatness

Team Building, Personal Development and Self Discovery
You never lead a project… you always lead people within the project and they in turn manage the project for you. Team building is greatly dependent upon the personal development of the members within the team. Functionally-cohesive teams have been known to produce outstanding results. Just like having a shower each morning… Team Building, Personal Development and Self Discovery must be a part of our daily routine. Team building is an art not simply a science!

Do you even know your team – Team Building Strategy
Does your team even believe in you – Team Effectiveness
How to identify, control, connect & communicate with your potential – Building the real YOU
FIVE proven ways of discovering your niche – Do you have an image

Communication is not simply verbal. It encompasses the art of listening and the correct use of body language as well. Teams work successfully if they communicate effectively. The success of a business or a personal relationship is very dependent on the level of effective communication. Learn to connect with people… through valuable communication.

Listen your way up the ladder
Power through Communication – music to the deaf; vision to the blind
HOW you say WHAT you say really matters (including your body language)
REMOVE your Fear of communication – learn to communicate effectively


1. Motivational and keynote presentations on customized topics
2. Leader training and talent development
3. Team building and management seminars
4. Personal development and self discovery workshops
5. Executive and leadership “think-tanks”
6. Entrepreneurship vs. Corporate Intrapreneurship
7. Training on strategy, sales, marketing and branding
8. 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring to all levels of management
9. Communication skills for individuals and the workplace
10. Business growth and operational efficiency—connecting people and profit