“The fact that people stood patiently in line to meet you and spend time with you after your talk, suggests only one thing – you are in demand and you are good. I truly enjoyed your humor and your style of getting your point across to such a diverse group of individuals”.

William W. Sherrill
Executive Professor
Chairman, Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship
University of Houston,
Houston, Texas, USA


“Endowed with the gift of eloquence, Nozer Buchia is a much-sought-after public speaker. Being a theater personality, he is able to effortlessly build a quick rapport with his audiences and keep them spellbound. His infectious smile and enthusiasm are genuine. He has a way of putting people at ease. These, coupled with his humility, help his listeners to warm up to him immediately. But above all, what makes his talk interesting and insightful is its content value. It provides the right motivation to strategic decision makers to reach for higher goals. He embellishes his presentation with true-life stories, in order to highlight wrong perceptions and habits that make us victims of failure. This, indeed, helps us pave the path to success. ‘Awesome’ and ‘Exceptional’ are the words that come to mind to describe a truly inspirational speaker.”

Meher Bhesania
Founding Director, WZCC Middle East Group
Director, SynergyZ
Chair, 9th World Zoroastrian Congress


“Nozer, I wanted to take the time out to share with you how insightful and eye-opening your article on ‘The Silent Partner – the Entrepreneur’s spouse’ was. I have been an entrepreneur since 1998, and cannot remember being impacted by an article as much as I was by this one. Nozer I thank you and I thank God for giving you the absolute wisdom to create not just a piece for a magazine article, but a masterpiece for life’s living”.

Leslie Collins
Houston, Texas, USA


“It was a great experience to hear your presentation. I could see, from where I was sitting, that the audience was spellbound for the entire two hour presentation.  There were many lessons to learn which were retained in memory because these were supported by interesting anecdotes.

I would consider this presentation as a truly motivational and inspirational talk.  The feedback I received was most encouraging. We would like to have the opportunity to stage another presentation soon”.

Philli P. Kharas
World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC), India
(Mumbai, India Chapter)
Mumbai, India


“I have found you to be a bright, articulate and enthusiastic individual who possessed extraordinary communication skills. I can still remember how well our graduates responded when you delivered the commencement address at our year-end exercise in Detroit”.

Dr. James Mendola
President Emeritus
Davenport University,
Detroit, Michigan, USA


“You were not only entertaining but informative as well. Your experiences in business and real life were a source of inspiration to us all. You have a unique way of getting your message across to the masses. I have been requested to ask you to come again in the near future and enlighten us with your real life stories in your own humorous style”.

Doris St. Cyr
Program Chair
Commercial Real Estate Network (CREN)
Houston, Texas, USA


“His ability to explain complex situations in simple terms and still be understood is second to none. I have seen Nozer in team meetings, board rooms and television studios and he has always displayed a calming influence, getting his point across with power and conviction and yet minimal fuss”.

Iain MacKenzie
Founder and CEO
Results InSight
Sydney, Australia


“Your expose last Friday on “Why Entrepreneurs Really Fail” was scintillating. The audience was fascinated as you so vividly portrayed your live experiences. This combined with your articulate presentation made it a treat to listen to. Many thanks for addressing our members and sharing your valuable insights. It was a memorable evening”.

Minoo Shroff
Global President
World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC)
Mumbai, India


“I have known Nozer for over 15 years and have always thought very highly of him. He combines a can do attitude with the ability to make things happen. He is a tried and true leader”.

Jack Krasula
President, TrustInUs
Radio Personality, Anything Is Possible
Southfield, Michigan, USA


“Your presentation was excellent. When I’ve arranged for a speaker, I watch the audience to see if the speaker is holding their interest. Several times I glanced around the room and every eye was focused on you! There was no sign of anyone staring into the distance, either blotting out the speaker or daydreaming about things. Your speech was very entertaining but it was also very informative. I wish we had more time for questions afterward”.

Delores Delsing
Program Chair
Rotary Club of Sharpstown
Houston, Texas, USA


“Nozer, your excellent business skills and acumen coupled with your ability to interact with and win over people has been the reason we all respect you very much. Thanks for being supportive”.

Francoise Kirkland
Project Coordinator
Caltex Australia
Sydney, Australia


“Thanks for enlightening us with how you have grown companies and the pitfalls that you faced while doing so over the years. As professionals it is gratifying to learn that people like you that are so successful have also made mistakes in their careers. Your motivating stories gripped us all”.

Doris St. Cyr
Program Chair
Houston, Texas, USA


“Thank you for an incredibly stimulating talk at our World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) Houston Chapter Meeting.  It was attended by one of the largest attendances the chapter has witnessed in a long time. Your down to earth motivational message set a wonderful tone of optimism to the evening. The eloquently delivered presentation engulfed the audience by compelling them to think about their personal mistakes and showed them how to move forward. The audience was particularly impressed by your honest admission of the mistakes you had made during your entrepreneurial pursuits and how you managed to overcome them on your way to success.

Based on the interest shown by the audience about your book on entrepreneurship that is due to be released by the end of this year, I am confident that it is going to be a great success. It will set many entrepreneurs on the path of self discovery by relating to the real life experiences you shared with us. We are looking forward to your book’s release and hope to encourage all our young members of the twenty plus WZCC Chapters worldwide to read it”.

Rustom B. Engineer
Global Vice President
World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC)
(Houston Chapter)
Houston, Texas, USA


“On Behalf of the Heights Rotary Club, I would like to extend my thanks for the presentation you made to our club. We found the presentation to be very informative as well as enjoyable. We will recommend you as a speaker to any organization that would be interested in your subject matter”.

Robert B. Hinsley
The Hinsley Law Firm
Houston, Texas, USA


“I just wanted to say thank you for coming to our club and speaking to us about ‘How to be an Entrepreneur’. You were very interesting and we learned a lot about how to run a successful business. I read your article in the magazine and it was great. You are a man of many talents”.

Yvonne Ray
Braes Bayou Rotary Club
Houston, Texas, USA


“Thanks you for your presentation to our University Area Rotary Club. Your presentation was excellent and very entertaining. The information on the economy, small business interests and entrepreneurship was very timely. We hope you will come back and visit us again in the future”.

Edna A. Rice
University Area Rotary Club
Houston, Texas, USA