Nozer Buchia-SpeakerInternationally-acclaimed motivational, inspirational, and keynote speaker Nozer Buchia, firmly believes that effective communication is music to the deaf and vision to the blind.

His energetic and vibrant style of humor and delivery has captivated and motivated audiences worldwide. He is known as a ‘speaker’s-speaker’ due to his dynamic delivery and his practical approach to any situation.

Nozer is a much sought after speaker at Corporate Events, International Alliances, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Chambers of Commerce and Private Clubs.

Corporations worldwide have reached out to him, for they are convinced that his straight-from-the-heart, passionate message of success will assist them in tailoring and conveying their corporate strategy with lucidity and efficacy.

His listeners affectionately refer to him as Mr. Motivator.”

Through his power of positive thinking, Nozer convinces you that success is within ones reach only if you believe in yourself. People can relate to his message of ‘success through failure’ as he openly shares his personal experiences about his own mistakes, and what he finally did differently to get there.

He has travelled all over the world sharing his formula for success with real life stories, for he has lived what he talks about.

Nozer will compel you to look at yourself differently, and show you how to believe in your true worth.