Nozer Buchia Book Excerpt - Preface

The book you are holding is the result of countless mistakes and umpteen errors that I have committed in life and in the world of business. Each time that I thought I had finally mastered the recipe for success, something unexpected happened; something that I had not thought of, something that I had never planned. And once again, success eluded me!

I would get that burst of energy repeatedly, to try that one more time, but then it all went back to status quo. I was scared. I desperately wanted to succeed, but was very afraid that I might fail…… again. What if I was not destined to be an Entrepreneur? What would people say? What would they think of me? I started doubting my potential, my capability and my ability to get the job done. I started analyzing my chances of success before I had even begun.

But then I realized and experienced the fact that success and failure are merely a frame of mind. If you think you are beaten; you are. You need to believe in yourself if you want to achieve anything in life.

This gap between success and failure provoked this book.

While this book is about mistakes and failures, it is also about how to be a winner. It draws on my years of experience as an Entrepreneur and the various lessons that I learned along the way. The pages of this book will demystify for you, why some people always succeed while others merely just fail.

You will understand how negative habits can be disastrous to your success and how failure can be used to turn things around. This book will demonstrate to you that the Entrepreneur normally stands alone in this wicked world of business, and if not careful, can fail with an irrecoverable chance for success.

I have drawn a ton of inspiration from people along the way that have taught me to be more humble than I actually thought I was. I have learned that to be on the right track, one must first have a defined track to be on. The ultimate lesson that I learnt is very clear; believe very passionately in the things that you do, and success will soon follow.

This book is not just for dilettantes, nor even just for the intellectually curious. It is not even written just for the Entrepreneur that is simply beginning.

It is a handbook for those that want to lead and are not merely content to follow. It is for people that want to make a difference. It is for the ones that are passionate to succeed. It is a path for those that want to rewrite the rules of the game and are not afraid to challenge the way it has always been done. ‘Why Entrepreneurs Really Fail’, is the missing link between your yearning for success and your attainment of success.

Nozer Buchia
August 2011