Nozer Buchia Discusses If We Are Conditioned To FailEntrepreneurs fail because they are conditioned to accept failure.

When something goes wrong, the first thing an Entrepreneur does is blame his fate and destiny and commence that painful search for an alternative. We tend to give up too easily.

One of the main reasons for this is that Entrepreneurs do not know what to do when fear grips their lives and their business. They immediately react and take comfort in the fact that they are not cut-out to be in business for themselves.

It is my desire to educate people that want to be in business for themselves and show them how they can actually succeed. It is all about education and support.

Life does not go to the bigger or stronger man but it goes to the one who believes he can.  I have seen many people fail only because they do not know what to do next.

Entrepreneurship, in my opinion, will solve many of the world’s problems, for it will rejuvenate the desire of being self sufficient.

Remember, nations have been built on courage, desire and opportunity.