Learn Effective Communication from Nozer Buchia

In my opinion, effective communication is music to the deaf and vision to the blind.

A speaker’s job is not an easy one for he needs to hold the curiosity and attention of the audience for a fairly long time. Since a speaker is on the other side of the podium, it is automatically assumed that he knows more than the listeners. Therefore preparation is as important as content.

Humor is a critical component of a speaker’s arsenal for then and only then can he create that ambiance of wisdom through his power of speech and his personal experiences. It is also important to understand that the way a message is delivered is as important as the actual message itself.

And being on stage for over four decades, has certainly taught me that the audience decides within the first 10 minutes whether they will like the speaker or not.

As a speaker, I have learned that the art of speaking is critical and the message is invaluable. My experiences in the corporate and business world have allowed me to enlighten my audiences, about real life successes, mistakes and failures, and their ultimate recovery process.