Nozer Buchia's Book is The Missing 'Link' for Entrepreneurs“Why Entrepreneurs Really Fail” is the missing link between your yearning for success and your attainment of success. While this book is about mistakes and failures, it is also about how to be a winner.

It will demonstrate to you that the Entrepreneur normally stands alone in this wicked world of business and if not careful, can fail with an irrecoverable chance of success.

The Entrepreneur’s position is not a team sport, for the Entrepreneur must take final responsibility for leading the enterprise.

This book is the result of countless mistakes and umpteen errors that I have committed in life and in the world of business. As I have learned, in this wicked world of business, you have to pay your dues before the world allows you to feel good about yourself and achieve greatness.

I have commenced work on my second book already… stay tuned!