Nozer Buchia Discusses Successful Completion

I can comprehend the feeling Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing must have had when they first became conscious of the fact that they had successfully scaled the world’s tallest mountain peak and that too with primitive ice climbing equipment and ropes.

It is simply fascinating to suddenly realize the successful completion of your first book. Today I think of my Mom and thank her for instilling that penmanship in me, in spite of my protests to do otherwise. “The pen is mightier than the sword,” she would say, “and you have the gift, you write well… learn to develop it.”

I started writing when I was very young… quotes, poems, letters, articles… anything where I could simply portray my thoughts. I read my creation again and again and kept improving on it as I went along. It felt good for I was creative. I would read it over and over again to my Dad and Mom who would, without fail, encourage me to never give up my desire to express my thoughts.

Decades later life has taught me that sharing your thoughts with another not only helps the other, but also yourself. It brings clarity and enables you to see things from a different optic.

I am committed to sharing my experiences and the lessons learned in life and in the world of business.